Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here is my final video...Through it All. If you read my treatment, you know that it is about the Fitzgerald family. They have dealt with the issues of divorce and parenting mistakes, and as a result, two of the men have had to go through legal proceedings to change their last name. They don't take it for granted that all three of them now have the same last name. This is their story, simplified as well as it can be. They have left out a lot of the little details, because even I (who have spent hours talking with them about it) don't know everything, and everything would take far too long. So here it is, in four chapters.
Part one focuses on Neil, the "grandpa." He talks about his past with the family, why his son ended up with a different last name and how the whole charade started.
Part two focuses on Carey L, the "dad." He talks about his (non)relationship with his father, how he came to change his name, and why his son still ended up with the old last name.
Part three focuses on Carey James, the "son." He talks about his relationship with his dad, when and why he ended up changing his last name, and how he feels about everything.
Part four shows all three of the men together. It tells how they feel about all that they have been through and how they relate to one another now that they are back together.
This story is close to me because I love this family. I did these videos and spent all this time on it because I want to tell their story. Maybe it will help someone else. Either way, I hope you like it. These men are amazing and I have learned so much...Hopefully you do, too.

Through it All - Part One from Jillian Pekel on Vimeo.

Through it All - Part Two from Jillian Pekel on Vimeo.

Through it All - Part Three from Jillian Pekel on Vimeo.

Through it All - Part Four from Jillian Pekel on Vimeo.

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